Was he telling the truth or am I just not good enough?

Basically I was seeing this guy for about two months and we went on a couple of dates and he was really romantic and everything looked really good... then we had sex and he started to become more distant.

A couple days had passed and we was still talking as much as normal but things felt different so I had an upfront talk with him and asked if anything was troubling him... long story short, he said that he still wasn't over his ex, she cheated on him and broke up with him about 5 months ago and he also suffers with depression and he's still not quite over it. He's also moving to work in America for 5 months and on top of him 'sorting out his feelings' he didn't want a long distance relationship again (due to the ex again because she cheated on him while he was away last year)

i politely thanked him for being honest with me and said we can still be friends as there is no hard feelings... and then he asked me if I still wanted to meet up (as in have sex) and I said no because I don't do second best.

my question is... is he telling the truth and he's just emotionally unavailable or is it me that I'm not good enough for him or that I'm not as good as his ex? 😕

I did ask him the last question and he said no, that's not the case at all! he's just in no place to be in a relationship right now because he hasn't sorted his own head out and just has a lot of unresolved issues. i also asked him if the ex had been in contact and be honest, and he said not recently.

p. s:please don't be too insulting or rude 😕


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  • Dont take it personally.. Here's the thing -
    When a guy is with a girl for several months or years.. He create an emotional bond with that girl... and since u just met him u dont have that emotional bond yet..
    I would suggest u to move on.. He is using u just as a booty call... while having a relation with his ex...
    Move on from this chump... stop deluding urself.. Have some self respect and walk and never look back..
    If he ever contact u just say ur not interested in being in a lov
    e triangle.. If it doesn't work out with the ex let me know.

    • I am walking away... I upright told him 'no offence but I'm worth more than just a fuck buddy' and he's not seeing his ex. He just scarred from her cheating on him and on top of the depression he's just fucked up and has a lot of issues. I am moving on because I don't want any part of that because he needs to sort himself out on his own. no one can overcome his issues but him. I've told him this myself as well

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    • This is the first time I ever slept with a guy earlier on and believe me when I say! Lesson learned haha! :)

    • Do you have any other advice for me to avoid keep choosing the wrong guys? You seem very knowledgeable haha! :)

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