I like him, but should I end it if it's unlikely to work?

I know this might sound crazy but I started seeing someone a couple months ago and I do like him, but there are already things that I can see being a problem. The first is that he is way younger than me, that could work sometimes, but there are so many issues that could come from it too. Also, I went to a psychic and he described the guy I was going to meet and this is NOT him. We never text each other, which my excuse is because we work nearby and see each other a few times a week as it is so at this point I feel that is enough contact. But, I still feel like that may be weird too and I am convincing myself it is okay. He always keeps his phone face down when we hang out which is weird. He is working or with me 6 nights a week so another girl is unlikely, but wtf is that about? He also does not seem like a "ladies man" and is VERY unexperienced sexually so if its not another girl than what is it? I am just spilling out EVERY thing about him that is negative so far, he has a LOT of positives too! LOL. I am just being dead honest to get an opinion on if these things are dealbreakers and if I should end it now. Although it would suck now, if it is bound to not work in the end, then we could get more hurt in the future.


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  • Too much complications, you can't dictate love "if it's gonna make it I'm gonna invest time" it's not a business.

    • I am overanalyzing you mean? Because yeah, I know, I do that...:-(

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    • I know, it is just so hard to be open and vulnerable to getting hurt that I wonder if I should break it off first so I don't get hurt and before they get a chance to. Because in the past I have been hurt so much that it's like I am waiting for him to disappear or end it. So, I look for negatives and reasons to that. In the past I have never been good at that though either, as soon as I see them again and everything goes well, then I am happy again. Then after a few days, I begin overanalyzing. As fun as this part of dating is, it also sucks because everything is so up in the air.

    • What about not being open and then the other person will think you want nothing to do with him and then you marry some douche and then you reminiscence what could you have done better. I prefer to get hit now and then I can still do something about it then later, when I know I didn't even fucking try. I was hurt LOADS before and after, my emotions being played to the pulp but I know closing up is just another agony.

      Look, right now I'm not contacting the girl which is probably love of my life. Why? Because she is not here physically and I get hurt every time I read her message. I get broken up like piece of wood. But I'm gonna change it, I'm not gonna let her think I'm not here anymore and let her go away for some douche who was a good substitute at the time.

      Just go for it girl, open your windows, if you get hurt, I'm gonna give you my Skype so cry to me all you want.

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  • Well, first dont believe this psychic, those are always fake. But he rest of it, who cares he isn't a ladies man, sometimes men don't act like that right out front, they have to know that somebody actually loves them. Ladies men are dangerous, they can get multiple women, I have never heard of a girl, woman who wanted that

    • No, I don't want him to be a ladies man!! I am saying that I don't feel like he is hiding another girl by turning his phone over because most people say that is what players do, but I don't know why he does it. And it is kind of a red flag, like he has something to hide, but with him I don't think it is another girl and thank goodness! :-)

    • Most phones that u have seen have the speaker on the back. Plus if he had a phone case, the rubber on the sides usually rises over the screen to protect it.

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  • If you are making this post on here, then your heart is telling you he isn't right and you are trying to fight it.

  • if you can't see your self spending the rest of your like with this man then you should probably break up with him, this may be really hard to do but if you do it nicely you both won't get as upset. it sounds like he's not the one for you and if you break up with him then you have a chance of meeting the perfect one