What are your deal breakers?

For me, a girl with a shaved head is a complete no-go. Doesn't matter how her body looks nor her personality I just can't. A lot of people consider Amber Rose attractive but I don't see it. I've been attracted to girls with the partial shaved hairstyles and some can pull off a pixie cut but I just don't find any girls with shaved heads attractive.

Just curious as to what other people have as deal breakers (job, education, tatoos, kids, etc) that just shut it down for you no matter what else that person has going for them on the positive side.


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  • Deal breaker

    -Irresponsible (Someone who is careless with money, or cannot budget properly)---How can you ever have anything in life? If you cannot control your own savings?
    -Someone that smokes or drinks daily (Every now and then I can deal with) But everyday is a huge turn off, I don't even know what you're like sober. How exactly is that supposed to appeal to me?
    -Someone with a lot of baby mama's. -I mean this one says all! I don't want to be the next number in line! I'm good where I'm at!


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  • if she's a ho, has kids or talks back to me. thats about it.


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  • Appearance-wise, I couldn't date a guy with a full beard. They really gross me out for some reason. Don't like balding guys either. If they shave their head, that's fine, but I hate when guys leave a bald patch in the back. Looks creepy. Guys who dress really preppy or booshie are a turn off to me too.. they seem too feminine.

  • -stupid
    -sexist/racist/homophobic aka stupid
    -wants kids
    -wants marriage
    -smells bad
    -sucks in bed
    -loves gender politics aka stupid
    -is fat and ugly
    -idk what else lol

  • His personality is a huge one! If he has a huge ego, and is just an ugly person inside, that's a deal breaker. I don't care how good looking or financially successful he is, it's all about his personality. Then again, not just because a guy in kind hearted will I be attracted to him. There's many factors to it.

  • -Self-entitled people.
    -Needy people.
    -People who think they are smart, but they do not know what the fuck they are saying half the time.


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