Is it over when she says she just wants to be friends?

I love this girl. I asked her if she was interested in me as more than a friend. She said: "Sort of. I can't. So, I guess no."Should I give up?


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  • How old? She probably isn't allowed to or has too much on her schedule

    • Maybe. She always talks about going on assignments and gaining her family title. I just thought that she lost interest or something because she only answers to questions I ask her and she never looks at me in the eye when we talk or just in general. She used to be into me, but know its like I don't exist.

    • She probably is one of those very determined girls. (Those are the good ones) She probably wants to put herself and her career before a man.

    • Oh. That makes sense. I guess I should move on then. If that's what she wants and she feels I would hold her back then, then I don't want to stop her. Thank you for the opinion.

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