I don't understand... So have I lost feelings for him? Literally overnight I just flipped the switch?

I'm confusin myself, lol. Sooo I've posted about how crazy I am over this guy before.. We've been hooking up every few weeks since New Year's Eve. We live an hour apart at diff colleges... Basically I caught feelings, very strong feelings... To the point of obsession, I swear. He's all I thought about and I wanted him to let me love him SO badly. he doesn't want anything from any girl. He's not looking for commitment right now, but we agreed on exclusive sex; yet, he lied to me; I got my feelings hurt; blahblah.. Then a week & a half ago we had sex after not talking for a month. It was one of the best times we had... It really was, and a few days after I was feelin 100% for him again (daydreams, listening to love songs, thinking about him 24/7 and until I could see him again... Up until this morning.. Just poof. I feel nothing for him. I've been looking at his pictures today trying to feel something (idk why) but I don't. I honestly don't care if I ever see him again. And a day ago I was crying over him. I have never felt so DE-attached from him since the night we met for the second time.

I guess im asking... Does this mean I've really moved on? Does it happen that fast? I had plans to see him this weekend but now that I feel this new LACK of feeling for him... I don't want to really. I don't want to reawaken it. Or am I fooling myself since I can't have him the way I want?

What if he contacts me again?


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  • This reaction is not a typical way that most people move on. But I don't think you're fooling yourself either. Under the circumstances, go with the feelings and cancel the date if you believe that's best in the long run.

    • I think it is 😌 Today is day 2 of feeling it so I think it's real

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    • Is your kitty still a kitty? Mine grew into a very long-limbed, handsome tuxedo cat.

    • Mine did as well (: he's about 2 years now!

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  • Stay away he's not looking for anything serious, and you are lucky you just dropped your feelings like that for him. Keep it up and you will be back to square one heart broken, and lonely. Move on, and find someone who will adore you. You deserve that.


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  • lol.. i am pretty you sure you will see him again..

    Honestly... you guys are exclusive to each other but are not a couple.. and he lied to you? meaning what he slept with someone else? your feelings got hurt?

    If you can't handle just sex and want more, perhaps talk to him about it, but at this point.. he will probably just look for you to have sex, are you cool with that?

    be honest with yourself, when we have a girl we can call and hook up with whenever we want, we love that, so he might be playing you in that sense..

    • The thing is.. I don't care at all how he sees me anymore. I don't give a shit if he's fucking someone else right now. Lol👏🙈

      But yeah, he was talking on tinder to other girls when out of town... Sooo I was hurt (I was deep in my feels at this point.. And I let him have it.. He promised me it was only me.. Blah blah). He knows I'm down for him... But I really don't care anymore. I've been working out and doing my thing.. And I don't know, I'm going home this weekend (close to him) and I just don't know what I should do.

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    • Because he is not looking for a serious relationship.

      Trust me.. every guy has a player side where they wish they could be single, and some guys just love to be single, nothing wrong with that.

      Maybe try to get to know a guy who is willing to do other things

    • I concur. (:

  • flipped the switch? what do you mean? electricity?

    • The electricity I felt for him, sure

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