Guys, Why don't I have more guy friends and why do I not get asked out?

I'm a bit bigger than your average girl, but I think I'm pretty and nice. I keep to myself though because I'm afraid of rejection, and I have a small circle of friends. I'm happy with my friends and all, but I would love some guy friends (just friends). Why don't guys want to be my friend or my boyfriend?


What Guys Said 2

  • That's a really great question because I think it's very common problem that many girls find themselves in. We all have the looks, mannerisms and traits we inherited and have no choice of how our family is or how well off they are. It's natural for guys or girls to often take that into consideration when choosing friends and boyfriends/girlfriends. But we can break that barrier by being ourselves and continuing to work at overcoming anything we think is holding us back from succeeding or hampering our happiness. One thing you can start right now is making it a point to be a friend to other people. Learn to like other people and look only at their positives and complement them whenever you get the chance. Make sure you smile often and are a cheerful person. Stop being afraid of rejection because no one is going to knock you to the curb. When you see guys you find attractive and interesting make it a point to complement them about something they do well, without making a scene of course. Same to other girls. Become a good listener and a person that guys and girls will like to be around. If you want to change something in your life you probably will have to first change your attitude about what you're wanting to change. Usually, what holds us back the most is our attitudes. If you think right about people they'll think right about you. Remember these two sayings from a famous philosopher, "We are what we think we are." "We become who we think you are." Good luck!