Girls, Would you choose guy based on his physical condition?

Would you girls be a bit hesitant in being in relationship which involved romance and sex if a guy is sexually repulsive but has a nice heart and you both get along nicely, but he has a physical condition that's a major disgusting thing and sexually turn off for every female of human race?


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  • No. I'm looking for a partner with whom I can share intimacy on both physical and emotional levels, not just a nice bod. And to be honest, body hair can be a turn-on (or at least doesn't matter) for some girls. Not to mention that if it's really that bothersome for both people, waxing or laser hair removal could make them feel at ease if they were both okay with pursuing that.

    I wouldn't call really excessive body hair sexually repulsive at all.

    • Really excessively hairiness can't really be ignored forget it being a turn on. Why would woman be turned on by a furry animal next to their bare hairless angelic skin?
      And whatever I have learned on internet I have concluded that it's a deal breaker and sexually turn off for majority of women. Sorry to use this kind of word but women say a hairy man "dries up my vagina".

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    • Absolutely! Go right ahead. :)

    • I just followed you, but sadly I can't PM you unless you follow me :(

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  • Why would I care about ur heart?
    Nice hearts don't make me wet.
    I'm gonna go with a... no.

  • what exactly is this disgusting physical condition?

    • Excessive male body hair.

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