Should I give her second chance? please help?

1. There was this super flirty girl who showed interest in me and was acting like a doormat to her...
2. she started flirting with other dudes of the class and blew me off for other dudes...
3. I moved on and walked away... and then she realised that im the best guy in the class and so she started giving me signs but i ignored her.
4. She stopped coming to the class as well , its been 3 months.
5. She is uploading songs and poems on instagram that basically has my name and she is indirectly 6. telling me that she loves me, but she hasn't contacted me directly.
7. She never said all those lovey dovey things earlier...
8. I just wana know.. should i give a second chance to her?

  • I should give her second chance but be careful and not engage emotions early on.
  • I should just move on and dump her, once a cheater always a cheater.
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  • Never give her a second chance because she seems like she would just play with you in a bad way.


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