What to text him if he doesn't text back in three days?

I have been seeing this nice, taciturn guy for some time. The last time we talked he asked me to go out with him and I agreed. But he didn't arrive to that date and the next day I texted him what happened. He said that he was sorry and that he got a little too drunk so he couldnt drive to the meeting place.
Then we hadn't talked for a month. I texted him on Wednesday if we are going out or not. He didn't respond but the messenger chat tells me that he didn't see the message.
He's been active these days but only a little. He's a busy person.
Do you think I should try one more time? I think yes. What should I ask him so I dont sound needy? I was thinking of "is everything okay?" or something alike. What do you think?


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  • Ok, first of all to put it nicely, is probably not someone you want to be with. If he got too drunk to show up for a first date (where men usually try to impress, make a good first impression) then he probably isn't going to make the best date material.

    Secondly, his behavior is SCREAMING not interested. Save your dignity a bit and chalk it up to "his loss"

    • That was not the first date. The firat time we wehe out he made his friends drive me home. On the sevond one he came to a concert and made his friends wait three hours outside while they were all complaining. On the third and fourth date he arrived on time, actually he was early and he drove for an hour to come. In the third date he came even if he didn't sleep for over 24 hours and right after the fourth date he had to go to his night shift. He told me a lot about him and we even went together to a shopping centre to buy his 3year old brother a toy.

    • The last time we saw each other he said "we will see each other"

    • Ok, fair enough. You are young and probably just starting with dating. I see where he has shown you some positive qualities about himself. In my experience though, at this stage if a guy is interested he is still making it QUITE clear. A guy who was interested in me has never gone a month without contacting me. That is a clear sign it's over for him. Contacting him will only make you look like you find the behavior acceptable and are ok being neglected and it will not make you attractive to him.

      When a guy is interested in you, it is CLEAR as day. Trust me ;)

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  • I think he is not interested, because if he was he'd be contacting you, just leave him alone.

  • Just leave him alone. He's obviously not interested in you anymore.