Crazy relationship?

I'm in a relationship with a girl of my dreams like she older and that's crucial to me don't know why but just feel more attracted to them, however there's this other girl without the looks but has the most undying love for me.
Bearing in mind iv never had a relationship before and I'm really shy and can't do the whole break up thing and a bit afraid of what her mum will say and do!
I really like everything about her she funny crazy and passionate about me,
what should I do? Drop my dream girl or not?


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  • If she was your ""dream girl", you wouldn't be in the situation of having to choose. Anyway, if I was in a relationship with a guy and I happened to fell in love with someone else, I'd break up with the first person.


What Guys Said 1

  • When you are with someone who you really love and feel strongly for, it speaks very poorly of your character to drop them for someone else.

    • I know it sounds really bad of me to say

    • Saying it is nothing on your character if you recognize its poor quality and rise to do better; keep yourself high morally speaking, and keep the relationship that you have built.
      That being said, someday you may grow disinterested in the relationship you have. If that happens, it does not make you evil to seek a more fulfilling relationship.