Feeling hopeless about dating. What to do?

I have been out of a serious relationship for over 2 years now; and I've dated around with some women. Unfortunately, nothing has ever materialized throughout this time. Most recently, i dated a girl which i thought we were going to end up dating seriously and now we agreed to stop seeing each other. How do you keep hope to find that right person? because i am certainly tired of spending my time and not getting anywhere.


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  • I know it seems like a long time to you but 2 years out isn't that bad and you've been dating. I wouldn't feel hopeless yet. If you read some of the questions on here there are people who have never been with anyone let alone a serious one or haven't been kissed and they are your age.

    But don't give up on the pursuit of love as it can happen at anytime.



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  • If you give up right now, then you will never end up finding the right person. Seeing that it's important to you, you should keep trying. You should also take some time to improve certain things about yourself.


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