Has she moved on?

I got friendzoned by this girl and we basically stopped talking for almost a year. She would text me from time to time but I didn't respond. Randomly, she shows up at my house a couple of days ago. We talked a bit and I told her how I felt and that I couldnt just be friends with her. She said that she was sorry for the way things ended up between us and that she was "going through some things" I said ok and we basically agreed to both move on from the situation. Then we kissed for a while and she left. She hasn't texted or called since, should I just move on?


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  • She is a fuck buddy...
    Arrange a date and bang her...
    she reached out to u and u still didn't make the logistics for sex? Come on man..
    Dont text her again... at least the good thing u did is u kissed...
    Now if she ever reaches out to u.. arrange a date and have sex


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  • I guess she came over make sure the you knew it was officially over.