Guys is he interested or not? Help?

So there's a coffee shop I've been going to and the same barista guy would stare. Once when I was about to walk out I asked him what time they open and close. I asked this while I was walking and he started walking with me but he was behind the counter if that makes sense. I came with my friend late Saturday night and he was there. While I was waiting for my drink he kept looking up every now and then to look at me. When I went up to grab my drink he smiled super bigg, waved, and said "Hiiiii!!!" I got shy and just said thank you. My friend said "Omg he totally wanted to talk to you!" When I came back a week later he was looking at me a lot. I told him I was sorry for not speaking to him and he made a funny sound with a hand motion that basically said "Why didn't you talk?' I said I was really shy. Then he introduced himself and asked what my name was and shook my hand. We asked each other questions and I told him about this big grad school exam Im taking soon and he said "Oh so you're too busy to hang out with friends?" But I said "It depends on the day but I can always make time." We talked for 15 mins and I told him that he can always come by my table and talk to me even if Im studying and he said he will. A week later when i walked in his face light up, his eyes scrunched up, and he smiled big and said hi to me and I said hey back. He was talking to a guy and so I didn't get a chance to have a convo. I caught him staring and smiling once. It was busy again when I was leaving so we only talked for like 5 mins. When i told him Im on break next week he asked if I would come here during break and I said yes. He smiled and nodded his head. Then he indirectly said that he likes it when I come every week. A week later I said that he should come to my table and talk whenever he sees me. He said that he would love to come sit and join me and hang out with me. Then he paused and kept looking at me and smiled.

Last week when I walked up to the register he smiled really big and said "Heyyyyyyyy!!" Before I left i asked him if last week he meant hanging out outside of the coffee shop. He said that since he's always there he usually means hang out there. I told him that if he wants to hang out after I my grad school entrance exam (next week) to let me know. He said okay and nodded his head. he gave me a free drink and said thank you for enlightening us with your presence. I
Today I told that since my exam is over I have more free time so if he wants to do something outside of the coffee he should let me know. He smiled and said okay I will let you know. Then I said if you ask I will say yes. He smiled super big and nodded and said okay.


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  • Sounds like you answered your own question.


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