Should I be mad at him, Need Advice?

I don't know if I am being paranoid or not. I haven't seen my boyfriend since Wednesday night which as around 2am. I was suppose to see him last night but he could not come over because he had to get ready for his pool league tournament which he left this afternoon for. Lately it just seem that is texts has be so spaceous and I don't if is because him getting ready for pool league tournament this whole week. I talk to him this morning and he didn't text me back until like two hours ago, which was the same time he was active on fb "we use fb to message each other" but I told him good luck babe, call me when you can, and he replied back "Ok I will" The more I think about it, he will be doing mini tournament through out the night, so I don't know when he will call me or text me. I am trying not to ge mad because pool is his hobby and he loves it, and I guess I feel inscure because I feel like lately it just been really hard seeing each other. He is a man with two kids and they come first which I understand, I guess I want attention from him as well and I feel like this week I have't gotten it. I know last night I told him that I won't get my hopes up because I did not think he would be able to come over to my house. He told me that it hurt him that I thought that way because he said " that he tries to make time everday for me and that I don't see it and it hurts him and I don't know lately why I feel like he hasn't try to make time for me. Also he mention that to me last night " I hope you don't forget how much I love you neither" when I said stuff like that I see that he does loves me but I still feel inscure or scared to lose him and I guess this week I am not getting enough attention and when I don't I feel like maybe he doesn't want me anymore, maybe he losing interset. I just need Adivce on this!

Please can someone answer!


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  • I don't think your mad. I think your more or less disappointed, which is understandable.
    This is a man that is making multiple commitments to you, his kids, and his beloved sport.
    I think being honest with him would be a good thing to do. and dont say it like ur making him choose between u and his hobby (that would be bad) but just try and meet half way, see if u can find a time outside of swimming, go to his meets and support him, try and make date nights, etc.
    hope this helps

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