Why Is It Okay For Men To Be Attracted To Big Butts But Not Okay For Women To Be Attracted To A Guy's $$$$?

Men love big butts and big boobs because they are a sign of fertility in a woman. Women are also wired to find a man with high social status and money to be more attractive.


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  • A guy will have to make over $200k a month. if they want a piece of my @$$


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  • Because leeches are like cancer.
    You can't compare one with the other, dude. Girls that are attracted to money just go out with the guy because of his money, and they spend his money treating themselves, while the guy is busting his ass off working. She's just taking advantage.

    Guys don't go out with a woman just because she has a great butt, that's just a physical preference, just like girls that like big arms or abs.

    If you wanna make a comparison, compare men that just date women for sex, with women that date men for money.

    • How is being attracted to big biceps and abs are any less shallow than being attracted to a guy's $$$?

    • Because looks aren't the same as money... -_-