What text message should I send her?

Ladies and gentlemens! I need your advice... Im crazy about a girl... We met about 17 months ago. Things went great at the two first dates but then I messed up at the third date when I asked her things that was not relevant to a story she told me... I lost focus because of her beauty. My brain stopped to function... =)

We had a text-conversation going on about 6 months ago, but I think I messed up again. I didn´t respond to a text message that she sent me, until 9 hours later. Maybe she felt I played hard to get, or that I even ignored her... That was not my intention... So, 6 months have passed since i heard anything from her, and Im going crazy because I can´t forget about this girl. I have never had such strong feelings for anyone before.

I about to text her again, to show my interest. Some guys advice me to say sorry for not responding her text in time, while a girl gave me the advice to just send her the following message: "Hey! I just thought about you. How have you been lately?"

Do you think that´s a good text to send to this girl, or do you think this one is better?:

"Hey! I have been thinking about you. How have you been lately? "

Do you think I should text her something else insted? I appreciate all help!


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  • The second one seems sweeter and cuter. Answer mine?

  • i think the I've been thinking of you is fine.


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