What does he mean? Does he see me as a friend or he likes me?

He asked me out in late January for a tea, we had a great time together. He respected me and complimented me a lot. But I just see him as a friend at that time, or a little bit more than a friend, I just felt safe around him. He than kept asking me out for several times but because I already had other plans so I didn't go out and ended up with another casual hang out after several days. He texted me during the following days I was a bit cold to him, then he stopped texting me for like 10 days.
I reached out to him because I needed his help for some school work, he helped me with it and than we regularly contact each other almost daily for a month. we hang out for sometimes and everytime I need help he was always there. But he never called me, he only texts and emails me. Sometimes he would send me links for me to read or watch what he thought I might be interested in.
Than I went on vacation for a week, he lent his clothes and gears to me and told me what he suggested to bring with me and wish me good trip, saying he would talk to me after I'm back.
5 days after I was back from vacation, he called me to ask about my school work.
I was kind of sad that it was another 10 days before he contacted me. So I responded his call 2 days later and returned all the things he borrowed me the next week. Then he gave me something which he said he wanted to give me before I left in front of others. Later he texted me to see if I want to go to a trip to somewhere with his other classmates and friends the following Friday. He knew I would go and he saved me a seat. I agreed to go.
I felt after I was back from my vacation, he doesn't text me as often as we used to, after he invited me to the activity he didn't text me after that.

Actually after I got to know him more, I'm more attracted to him. So now I am wonder

He doesn't contact me as often as he did but asked me to the group activity 10 days in advance. I am wondering is that he used to like me but now he only sees me as a friend? Or what does he mean?


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  • I think being cold to him at the start of this sent the "Friends only" message.

    • um so what does he mean now? And what to do now... I'm a slow person...

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    • Thank you, it just sounds so sweet:)
      I thought you meant he is just supportive to me but not like me at first~

    • Actually during the time we were hangout, we had dinner once and we split the check. I said we could split and he gave me the check immediately without hesitation and gave me the half amount in cash. Does it mean he already only saw me as a friend?

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  • It sounds like he was interested but maybe you weren't as receptive to it as he needed you to be for him to feel it was "safe" to proceed with telling you his feelings.

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