Is it fucked up for a guy to date a girl 5 years younger?

My friend set me up on a double date with her coworker who i met at a party months ago. We hit it off but after the party i forgot about him and never saw him again. He would keep asking my friend about me over the course of 5 months but she would always forget to tell me. Double date was a disaster, too fucked up to even talk and terrified of his stories from his past. We talked after, he seemed okay (considering he's a guy i would never have thought about dating) so i agreed to go on a date with him. The date was great. We learned a lot about each other and how we are so different. He told my friend he was excited for our second date (tomorrow) yes i agreed to go on a second date bc i actually thought about giving him a chance. he's had a rough past & is going through changes bc he realizes he needs to grow up. he's turning 25. I turned 20 this year. I told my friend about him & that i actually dig him. I told her I liked that he didn't make a move on the first date and she then told me how he wants to save himself for his next girlfriend bc he actually wants to date not just someone to fuck. So he wants to do all that stuff later. This especially made me so happy. I'm not a person to really do anything until in a relationship. I told my friend i was happy he wasn't a fuckboy and she didn't agree. I asked why and she said bc he was dating me and im younger and less experienced and he's been through a lot. That he could date a girl his age that is experienced and has been in more relationships. That she personally wouldn't date him bc she is also as inexperienced as me. This made me feel stupid and made me rethink everything. Like he's settling for me. I know i shouldn't care and age doesn't matter but i can't stop thinking about it. It really hurt and ruined my high. I don't know how to feel. I know he's into me bc he told me. And he even switched shifts tomorrow so we could go out (as a morning shift he wouldn't make much money, he works at a restaurant) he's all about money.


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  • That's fine. It's the ten year difference that is problematic.

  • Not to simply date her. If he goes any farther than cuddling. I don't think that is right.

    • I dont mean physical. We've established he doesn't want to do anything before its official. I'm talking in terms of experienced. He's obviously been through more in life and relationships

    • no it is not that odd to see. Don't be worried about that. Your good.

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  • If you like him, you're over 18, you two actually connect then why not? Love is blind!