Girls that fall for guys that hurt them initically?

say a vulgar dude exploits a girl (say really pretty chick) and she runs into him on instagram or something and tries to add him instead of avoiding it.

why do girls sometimes fall for guys who are cocky and do this?


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  • Because they were brainwashed as little girl's to accept this type of ill abuse and as little boy's to hand out this treatment. If he is mean to you or neglects you he must really like or care about you... ANTTTTT WRONG! Stop feeding your young daughter's and son's this bullshit lie! The girl's grow up beating themselves up about this and the boy's believe this is ok, it's normal right? Old habit's die hard, so they grow up with these wack ass ideology of how love is suppose to be and it's not. It baffles me that so many can't see the answer to this horrible epidemic... Hmmm maybe most are just in denial. I don't know what fucktard started this, but it has mentally and emotionally fucked a lot of people up. So let's blame the parent's and their parent's and so onnnn... for not being capable of actually using their brain cell's and teaching both their son's to respect and cherish women and daughter's to love themselves and not be so dependable, nor seeking the acceptance of other's to validate their own worth. Cause and effect baby! If we don't teach em, how will they ever know/grow☺ THE GODDESS HAS SPOKEN👌

    • can you just read this to me? lol

    • Lol boyyy if you don't stop being lazy and read it yourself☺

    • 😒 cause they were taught since youth to accept this treatment as another form of love. If you have any other questions on what I mean just read what I said when I first answered.

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  • Because girls like these have low self esteem, are insecure and think the guy who treats them badly is usually the best guy for them.

    • I've seen a lot of hot ones like this.

    • The most hot looking girls have guy drooling all over them, they want a guy who is different,
      So they follow the rule - whoever ignores them the most, that is the guy they want,
      such kind of girls always get dumped and hurt and by the time they turn 30... they end up alone

    • oh its true.

      i have to i mean have to play the game and stand out from the rest. its almost occult knowledge most men dont awknowledgge. but i need an attractive one so...

  • Girls who actually 'prefer' such guys, are usually immature, or mentally unsound.