Guys, guys, why this guy acted like this?

Guys, guys, why this guy acted like this? we met online, for about 2 months we chat randomly, then... once i was in a trip abroad and he suddenly write me and ask "r u in sweden now? i am also here until everning. Maybe we can meet?" I was surprised, but agreed to meet. We went to see sighseeing of the city, He had his camera with him and asked me to take some photos of me. I said, that no thanks i dont want to" And he said, that he can send it to me later. So he took a couple photos of and asked to take some of him... We walked for about 2 hours, talked about random things... And then he asked if i want to drink coffee at cafe. I agreed, we found one small cafe, i said, that i want only coffee, i am not hungry. But he said maybe i want also piece of pie... so i choose one. He said "oh, i wanted this one"... and asked if they have another like this, but they didn't have. Then he said he will have only coffee... He all of a sudden looked upset and nervous... and silent. I said "do u want half of my pie?" He said "no i think u wanted it" Then he said "i am sorry i have to book transfer for my flight for today" and was silent on his phone for about 10 minutes... Then we talked about a little and he said "r u finished" After cafe he said " i will go that side, will go shopping a little bit and just walk and u?" I said I ll go that side (opposite) and he said "ok was nice to see u"... And after that he never wrote me again (2 weeks already)... All seemed to be well until cafe... Whta u think of his behaviour?


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