When can u tell a girl's feelings are true? she really loves a guy and not playing with him?

There was a girl who cheated on me... and i dumped her... but when she found out im the best option for her in our entire class... she started showing these signs -
1. Uploading poems on instagram which has my name and saying i love u (she doesn't know i know her insagram profile).
2. uploading songs on youtube which is literally begging for me to talk to her and she loves me. (she knows i see her youtube profile).
3. She used to wear her best outfit (clothes, hair etc).. all well done to get my attention.
4. She stopped coming to the class and Her friend stalks me now.

By seeing all these signs... what do u think about her real feelings for me?

  • This time, her feelings are real. she really loves me.
  • She is just a drama queen, once a cheater always a cheater.
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  • I think you already know the answer but somehow you're trying to convince yourself otherwise.

    • Because i really like her :( should i give her second chance?

    • Nope. Never compromise your self respect and dignity! It all goes down hill from there

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