Where to meet non-party animal type of girls?

Hello guys and girls,

So I've been trying to find a nice girl for a while now, but haven't been successful. And this isn't because I have super high standards or because I get rejected by said girls. No, I literally can't even find one, so I haven't been able to even get to the point where one would get rejected or where it would work out.

This is mostly because I'm looking for a certain type of girl, which is rather scarce. At least in my area (Cardiff). It's the non-party animal type of girl I'm talking about. Maybe even a bit of an introvert or someone who doesn't do nights out every week. It would be a bonus of she were a bit nerdy and / or a gamer, though not absolutely necessarily I guess.

I briefly tried the club scene, even though I dislike it, but it didn't seem like the kind of place I'd find the girl I'm looking for, so I stopped forcing myself to go somewhere I hate. I've tried dating apps / sites as well, but haven't been able to find anyone there who doesn't have "clubbing" or "a lot of socializing" written in their interests or who isn't looking for a bit of fun (Paraphrasing here). The few such people I did find either lived somewhere very far or were inactive.

Now, I'm not ugly, nor am I overweight. (Not that I'm a model) I've been working out for some time too, although I do still have a way to go. I'm not shy or embarassed to talk to girls either, so none of those things is the problem. I'm just a bit more quiet than the average person (at least with new people) and am looking for a similar such person. What I want to know is how do I even meet one?

Thanks for reading a long post :)


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  • Universitys, Parks, Librarys, Coffe Shops wherever there are people there are girls you can talk too. Even in the club scene there are people that are not "party animals". I know that I go out to clubs with friends but just sit around and talk to people and half the time don't even drink so I'm sure there are girls that do the same thing.
    Also if you're more of a night person there are always just bars with seats that are more quiet and about socializing rather than partying.


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  • Lakes, beackes, hiking trail, biking trails, sports events, dancing classes, etc.

    Clubs are not my scene. You'll find me out and being active on weekends [[haha, which I'm getting ready to do shortly]]. It's beautiful out and there are bike trails calling my name!


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  • There's no chance, the girls in the clubs seem fine but I am quite paranoid that they were probably sniffing other guys' junk the previous day. It's so hard to find a nice girl. Try colleges though. Go for the nerdiest girl XD