We've already kissed, but how do I tell him that kissing and making out is moving too fast for me?

I feel so stupid about this. I've been going out with the guy. Three dates so far. Fourth today. He's really lovely, and I do like him. However, we've kissed a few times, and the last time was right before I left, and I could tell he wanted to just keep making out, but I had to get home. I really like cuddling with him on the couch, but I've been feeling like the kissing is moving too fast for me, which sounds lame, but I'm just inexperienced and uncomfortable. I have a hard time letting people into my personal space. It's at a point where I'm hardly even looking forward to seeing him because I know he's gonna want to kiss more.
I don't know how or if I even should explain it to him. No idea what to do. I don't want him to think there's something wrong with me or whatever. Gah. I would love some help!


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  • When he goes in for a kiss, stop him.
    You have to take that moment to let him know that you lack experience and you want to take things a little slower.
    Whether this comes off as insulting or not to him, all has to do with the way in which you bring this up.
    If you wait until literally "the moment" then he'll understand.
    Let him know you enjoy it, but you haven't been with much people in your life so this is all new to you.

    • When he goes in for that kiss, pull back as if you're shying away and then let ur feelings out.

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  • Tell him exactly like you told us.


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