Could it be that She is Interested in Me?

Interesting social dynamics with someone I know who is in the same profession as me. I work in the medical field (although I am not a physician) and I had a woman student 3 years ago at my workplace for a few weeks. At the time she was a final year student and she was doing a student rotation with me. Funny that everyone at work said that she "had a crush on me", and I noticed it also, but hey that happens with students and just figured it was "fleeting" as it often is. I of course didn't act on it due to "crossing certain boundaries" with students and that kind of thing doesn't interest me. AND she was 23 then and I was 40.

Well fast forward 3 years. She has been excellent friends with a co-worker that she met while she worked with me. That co-worker has been arranging dinner meet ups with herself, that former student, and me. Didn't think anything of it until this week. She arranged a meet again, only she herself bailed out, leaning just the former student and me. It was fun and she's and attractive interesting and very smart woman. Now of course she is 26 and I am 43. STILL not thinking anything until my co-worker the next day was very eager to hear "how it went" with her the evening before. Man I must be slow. LOL... Now I am starting to suspect this is a sort of setup. She really did seem interested in me now that I look back. Also since we both work in medical, I brought up a sexually oriented topic, and that seemed to peak her interest and she made more eye contact while talking about it and all.

Since then we've texted back and forth quite a bit, with her asking what I am doing for the weekend, and casual things like that. My intuition says she is "interested". Kind of surprises me with the age difference but hey it happens! What do you all think?

Some men gave excellent opinions, however I'd like to hear from some ladies also!
I met up with her again last evening. Cool lady and very level headed. I think she likes the fact we are in the same profession and I can relate to her "shop talk".


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  • It certainly sounds like interest to me. If in doubt or you're concerned about the age difference you could always ask her why she would want to hang out with someone your age. That would be an opening for her to express more than casual interest. It would also make clear that at least part of your holding back is the age concern rather than lack of interest in return.

    • Yeah good point. Well now that I suspect interest on her part, I am interested. Maybe after a couple of more meets I can bring it up.

    • I would not believe it either with such an age difference but it sure sounds like interest.

  • My girlfriend is 20. I am in my upper 40's. One of my fairly recent girlfriends was 22 and I dumped her because she was seriously falling in love.

    Age difference is tangential when it comes to feelings between two people As long as you both have thought through the long term, then it is perfectly fine.

    I know one happily married couple, with children, who have a 30 year age difference. They are happy with each other and that is all that matters.

    • OK interesting. Sounds like you're in a similar situation. This lady has a good head on her shoulders, so I think she'll be good at talking things through. Probably better than me actually. LOL...

    • And she is certainly a "breath of fresh air" in today's world of dating!

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