Why does he keep texting her if he doesn't want her for a relationship?

My friend wants me to ask a question on this site for her,
she's been hanging out with this guy for quite sometime. They finally had intercourse a few weeks ago. Before the actual sex it was evident that they were very sexually attracted to eachother because they make out all of the time and flirt. She didn't want anything further with him, but she asked how does he view her? He was honest with his feelings and said he didn't see things going anywhere (relationship wise). She felt the same.
She told me despite that, he texts her every 1-3 days calling her beautiful, gorgeous or sexy.
If he doesn't see her that way, why does he keep texting her? The next time they will see eachother is 2 months from now. So, if he has no interest in her in that way, why not wait until the 2 months are up then text?


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  • Just cause you don't want a relationship with a person, doesn't mean you don't like them. Nor does it mean you don't want them to feel special.

    Sounds like the fella is treating her right. Being honest, straight forward, and candid.


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  • Because He probably does want a relationship.


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