I don't understand him! why tell me he wants to prove that he can be a good boyfriend but then let me down?

so in the begiining of our dating was already a disaster with him bailing and minimal communication on his end. He came back and acknowledged that he messed up. I deleted him from my social media and even text message. one week later he reached out to me with these words exactly " So, what do you say.. I get one more chance that I can prove to you I can be a good BF? I'm on 2 strikes. I say you give me until 3 strikes"

we of planning our date back and forth but he ended up rescheduling ON THE DAY OFF. That was the last straw for me and I dropped him again. So wth happened to "I want to prove to you I can be a good BF"?

After I dropped him, he apologized for upsetting me and that he wishes me the best and won't bother me again.. I didn't respond beceaus I'm pretty pissed but deep down I really want to work it out. I'm just rying to stay strong because I don't want to be doormat. Anyways, it has been a few days and I haven't heard from him. Is this a game?


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  • Dropping him for reschedule was alil harsh in my opinion at least he had the decency to tell you. Though inconvenient for you clearing your schedule that day.

    If your not happy don't stay even if you are being harsh. Find someone who makes you happy, without chances

    • I emphasized that I gave 3 chances already. What made me drop him was the fact that I had to reach out to him if we were still on 2 hours before our scheduled date! Did I really have to be the one to reach out to him if we are still on?

      then finally he gives me another excuse if we can re schedule on a Sunday instead. I've just had it! the last time he bailed on me was because he had a killer headache.

      it's just so much excuses as if he really isn't all that interested.

    • Oh wow yeah good by. Your obviously not his priority at all

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  • That's the problem with us girls some times, we deal with guys that don't deserve our time bc we are so hopeful they will change and just want them so much, it's hard to let go. But people don't change overnight, and after how many times he's let you down, it doesn't matter what he says anymore because his ACTIONS say everything. It's gonna be disappointing and upsetting to let him go since you've invested time in him, but you gotta put your foot down. He does this because you let him. If you really leave him alone, then maybe he'll see that you're serious and actually try to change. Like I said though, people don't change overnight, so don't get your hopes up.

    • I know :(

      i did put my foot down already. I texted him my feelings when he rescheduled on the 4th time RIGHT AFTER I gave him a 2nd chance! He then said "I am truly sorry for upsetting you and for everything. I won't bother you again. I wish you all the best."

      We are still FB friends (I'm not ready to delete him YET) sigh... now that my anger subsided I am again on the fence. But it's just way too many that he has bailed on me :(

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    • :(
      there's probably another chic :( ouch.

      are you dating right now? you seem so cool thanks for being so patient with my nagging and venting. it's just so tough.

    • Lol thanks, you seem cool too! :) and it's no trouble, that's what I'm here for. I actually just got out of something with this guy. He's such a gentleman and just all around awesome, but he sucks at communicating with me lol. I feel like I'm always reaching out, and I don't like that. It's a two way road, you know?

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  • Kick to the curb u can do better.

    • i know, but I can't get over him it sucks :(

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    • wow really. so had I not gave it up, he would be trying to be my BF?
      but players don't change though.

    • Players won't change even when they get an std.

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  • It's a game if you contact him. There actually are some good men out there who won't treat you like that. I know nits hard, but you should move on from this. I think he knows he screwed up 1 time too many.