Girls, I'm engaged to be married, but found myself chatting with this sexy and attractive girl online, and may meet. How to stop myself?

This sexy girl I met online and I happened to get in a rather deep chat session and we talked and now she wants to meet (sexually too) Very turned on and interested despite being engaged! I know people must judge me as an asshole and please refrain from judgmental comments. I've never cheated before in my life and just have never found myself in this position. Perhaps I have to find a way to slowly break things off?


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  • Sounds like something is missing in your relationship... You should break it off before you end up cheating on her. I think you already know that's going to happen when/if you meet this other girl.

    • Well it seems as if i'm very close to cheating, now to break things off with this girl or my fiance, the sex is lacking

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    • I get along wonderfully with my fiance, its just we aren't in a position to have sex much now, but I don't want to end it with her just because of one girl..

    • Then don't go see the other girl... You can't have your cake and eat it too. Well could, but then you'll just be like every other 2 timing jerk. =)

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  • You've never heated before and I don't think you should start now after all that commitment. Log off and don't go to that sight, better yet deactivate that account

  • Break things off now before its too late. It doesn't sound like she satisfies you as much as you'd like so you go and look someplace else. Tell her what you are up to and talk things through.

    • So you think it's on me to take this up with my fiance rather then this girl? She's ready to meet tonight even but It's hard because I am not a jerk cheater and never saw myself this way.

    • Obviously its up to you. You are the one in the relationship with a fiancee. And you are the one talking to other women online. Who else would bring this matter up besides yourself.

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