Is this guy being a jerk or disrespectful?

im pretty sure he is- so he's an older guy--almost 60. It seems its hard for him to find sex- he says he's picky but I think that's bs. He'll hang out with women who aren't interested in him sexually- go out with them, take them out to dinner, but he comes to my house strictly to try to get laid. he thinks that b/c i said i wanted a friends with benefits when we met, he's entitled to this. He gets annoyed if I say I'm hungry and just want to go to subway and doesn't want to spend a dime on me. But he'll spend it on women who won't give him anything sexually. He gets annoyed that he hasn't gotten sex off me yet--how shud i respond to his attitude. Also im really hot, and other women reject him. He seems to act like he can use me this way, and even through text will disrespect me by saying stupid sexual crap to me like "did u shave yet" or he keeps saying he wants to make love to me all the time and asking me if i want it.

also, there's a guy i met recently- at a spiritual group i go to. He just started talking to me- i talked to him- seemed like a nice guy. He tried inviting me to some groups at this camp where there are lots of psychics. He was visiting and into that stuff. For days he began inviting me to this stuff- he acted as if we were friends and like he really wanted me to visit him. I found it kind of odd- that he wants me to visit so badly. normally it might seem like a nice thing, but the way he's acting, almost as if i should be visiting him, like he wants it so badly and i need to be there- i dont even know this guy. is this a red flag.


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  • current guy is going to make you feel very worthless as time passes. try to get away from him.

    • i agree... he is making me feel that way--why.. he's using me or projecting his own feelings of being that way onto me.. it's despicable. i let him come over b/c im lonely and have not many friends or people coming over... so i like to talk but that's it

  • He's desperate and once you gave him sex, he is using you as his (only) source, because he can't get it with anyone else.

    I'd dump him.

    • i agree--yeah he's desperate and using me and the way he's doing it is pretty
      pathetic.. how can i get him to buy me dinner or get me food though? he comes at bad
      times too- when im working from home, and wastes my time...

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  • The first guy is an old horny pervert. He can't get sex and uses his money and dinners to lure beautiful women to have sex with him. You mentioned that you told him you wanted friends with benefits and he probably thinks he can get in with you easily, without spending money on you. In other words , he thinks you are cheap and worthless. He is full of shit , can't say disrespectful because the fact that u mentioned that u want friends with benefits then he is just jumping on it.

    The other guy sounds pretty cool. You guys met at a function and its pretty normally for him to see you as a nice person and want to hang out. If you dont like any of these guys then dont encourage or tolerate them.

    • thanks... that makes sense- i mean yes the first guy is just a low life jerk- the way he acts etc, it's pretty pathetic.. how can someone handle someone like him? he also tries to manipulate me and act as if he's gotten not much off me- total creep. the other guy does seem cool- he just seemed really desperate to meet again- which was weird to me. it was almost a red flag.

      we were supposed to meet today, and now he disappeared- which is weird too

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    • what does it have to do with gold diggers? women are supposed to like Jerks. goldiggers are for the rich who can blow money away.

    • @diegoD I fkin hate jerks. Too much to lose on those. I play jerks but I respect the decent and kind hearted men. They are the real kings in my book