To pounce or not.....What do women want?

Last month I met a girl at a bar, we got along great and talked a lot. She told me everything about herself including where she lives and where she works (she's a lawyer). She lives a couple of blocks from the bar and I offered to give her a ride home but she declined and walked me to my car. She wrote down her phone number and a smiley face on her business card and handed it to me. Again I offered to give her a ride home but she declined again. I called her 2 days later and we made plans to have lunch. When the day for lunch came she canceled on me and has not returned my call since. This was about 2 weeks before Valentine's day. On Valentines day I sent out a mass text message to all the girls I know, wishing them a happy Valentine's day. She immediately responded, with a text message saying "Hey sexy, Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Hope to see you soon" I've tried calling her several times and texting her but she won't respond. What's up with that? Maybe she was expecting me to be more sexually aggressive the night I met her. I did offer to give her a ride home but she declined. This is not the first time this happens to me where I meet a girl and she seems very excited to be with me but then won't return my calls after. I'm confused. She was in her late twenties and I'm in my early forties but I seem to attract a lot of girls that age. I don't go looking for it. She's the one that came and sat next to me in the bar. I'm just recently back in the dating scene after 15 years and it seems like women have changed a lot. What do women expect from men these days?


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  • If a woman really likes you she's not going to play games with you like this lawyer friend of yours. It may be the she plays games with guys because she likes feeling powerful. I wouldn't waste anymore time with her. As to what women expect these days...obviously everyone that you meet has different tastes, but overall I think that women are just looking for a good man that will treat them right, takes the time to get to know them, is not afraid to surprise them, knows how to have fun, and will open the door for them every once in a while. Since you're recently back on the dating scene, don't put too much pressure on yourself. You don't wanna come across as desperate either. Just relax and enjoy being free for a while. When you least expect it, someone will come along.


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