Would it be possible to completely avoid gender politics in dating?

The constant feminism/MRA arguments are draining and depressing in my opinion. Could I get invovled in dating and/or form a relationship while avoiding the endless debatesabout feminism, anti-feminism, radical feminism etc. or do women actually bring that up?


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  • Women don't bring it up, generally speaking.

    Your mentality is dangerous because it makes you biased and disproprtiately aware of the negative realities of dating versus the benefits you have yet to reap.

    My biggest mistake of the year so far is listening to other people's opinions about a girl and adjusting my lens accordingly. "She can't be trusted, she's a user, she is leading you on", etc. Or in your case, assuming women want to destroy masculinity.

    By listening to these people, every experienceore shared became about spotting these signs. Signs to demonize her character and prove my biases right. Eventually I blew up. And we were never the same. I regret it, you know why?

    You want to know why this is such a big mistake? Because the ideal world in your head will never make you happy. The bitter people who share your biases will never be the loving partner you desire. The price of being right in your assumptions is lonliness, and hurting the very girl that might have changed you for the better.

  • I'm talking to a girl from Serbia for this exact reason. She wants to get married and stay at home with the kids.