Girls, would you be more or less interested in dating a guy who got hurt by girl?

It takes a long time to get over certain things and sometimes a really long time to get over someone when they hurt you, especially when you were trying everything you could to make them happy and stay with you...

So how do you feel about a guy who was hurt by the girl he loved - would you be more or less interested in dating him?

***and don't say the cliché line about "you shouldn't date anyone until you move past your ex" because I knew a man who didn't go on date for 10+ years after his wife left him and I think that's unnecessary... And so does he in hindsight.

  • More...
    22% (2)
  • Less...
    22% (2)
  • Doesn't matter to me
    33% (3)
  • It depends...
    23% (2)
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  • If you are hurt by a girl, don't act like it's nothing. When you get out of that relationship, take time to heal mentally and physically. It's not your fault that you got hurt. Yet, don't show off that you got beat up.

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