Significant other recorded me without me knowing?

Ok so my significant other and I are in an odd relationship we didn't meet on the best terms however he's said to be I'm allowed to date whoever I want and hang out with whoever I want however we both know that morally I wouldn't feel right doing so. I was going to a game with one of my friends, I was staying at a hotel the whole weekend and the night prior my boyfriend and I got in a really bad fight that resulted him to go home, we got over it. Anyway long story short my friend and I were coming back from the game (male) and I noticed there was this weird sleek thing pointing in my direction on this cabnet, turns out it was a spy camera. My boyfriend immidiately owned up to it via text when I told him how scared I was, he said he curiosity always seems to kick him in the ass and he thought I could/might hook up with him as he likes me. He asked me to return the device but I had said I thrown it out because I was so angry.. and now a day later he's over thinking it like I had something to hide. he's really embarassed and ashamed but im just hurt.. I do love him- what would you do?


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  • If I were you I would scan everywhere and everything.

    • I asked when he put it there and he said whilst I was at the game, asked him if there was anything else he said no, and today he came to get me from the hotel and check out, if he left something he would've gone back.

    • What about in your car or you place. It sounds like this guy has a serious issue, like you need a restraining order if y'all break up. It sucks he can't trust you and to be honest I don't think you can build a relationship off that

    • Thank you! I hope you worked everything out

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  • Dump him since he's insane obviously.