First date... rate my ideas! ?

got a date next week so i need some opinion what is better...

Idea 1: A walk along a small river... nice landscape, then do a canoe tour (short), then have a dinner in the sunset on a fishermans hut (restaurant) --- it could be too cold for that

Idea 2: Go shopping in the city, have a ice, go to cinema, dinner in a good restaurant.

Idea 3: take a ride horseback to the tv tower, diner in the restaurant with a stunning view. --- she mabe can't ride or dont like horses

Idea 4: cook a good meal for her, then go out (club or something) ---- maybe boring...

-... if you got any better idea... let me know


Most Helpful Girl

  • I really like the first idea, but you are gambling with the weather.
    I agree though, the shopping idea should be saved for a later date, and save the cinema for later, too. The first date should be one where you really make impressions and get to know her, so I mean, you could get to know her shopping or movie ideas, but there's not much potential to do that or have a conversation, so that's why I wouldn't do that.
    Maybe you should ask about horses with your date before it happens, so that you can decide. If she doesn't like horses, then choose #1. Sure, you're gambling with the weather, but you gamble with romance and relationships. Sometimes it's worth the risk. But if you don't want either idea, try a combo of #1 and #3. Just substitute the restaurant in a fisherman's hut with the restaurant with a stunning view. Good luck. :)

    Final Verdict:
    1st Choice: Idea 3
    2nd Choice: Idea 1
    3rd Choice: Idea 4


Most Helpful Guy

  • All of those ideas are great... except number 2. It's a little too early to drag her around shopping.
    Be sure she's not the type of girl who freaks out over unique first-dates.
    If I had to choose from the 3 (excluding #2, of course), I would go with 1 if the weather is nice, 3 if it's a bit cold (gives you a good excuse to give her your jacket), or a modified version of 4 - don't take her to a club or bar.

    Here's what I did on one of my dates. I asked her if she had the whole day off. She said yes.
    1) Started off with a picnic at a somewhat secluded park - plenty of wildlife, trees, flowers, etc.
    2) Took her sightseeing, since she was an indoor type of girl.
    3) Ended the night with dinner at a local restaurant and made sure our table overlooked the view of the city.


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  • Number 4.

  • I will go eat and cinema personally


What Guys Said 1

  • The first idea seems to the best! Wow man, the lady will be impressed! ;)