Chances that we'll date?

This guy and I live on the same street. I've known him since grade 3, ans I'm in grade 9 now. He's in grade 10. What are the chances that we will end up dating ? How would it happen ?


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  • Slim to none if you never talk to him.

    • We talk a lot , and hang out often.

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  • This is very vague. No one on here can predict the future. So, just because you live on the same street or have known each other since 3rd grade just doesn't mean much. Only if he is interested in you on a romantic level will you have a chance at dating but if you two don't talk to each other or hang out, then nothing is going to happen.

    • We talk a lot , and hang out alot.. He shows some odd signs, but I don't know for sure. He can't look me in the eyes anymore when I'm talking to him..

    • I know it feels great to wonder at something like this and you should enjoy the feeling of anticipation and excitement, but no one including me can predict where this will go or how it will happen. Good luck!