Should I be concerned?

I have been meeting up with an ex-female colleague. Another female friend asked me a few weeks back have I been meeting x. I said yeah, she then said could I organise a group of us. I have meet x a few times and never told her. Then a few weeks ago I was at a festive parade and she asked me did I go with x, I said no. I promised some people I would organise a few drinks with x. So it was just me the other girl and before x came in she asked me to confess my relationship with x. I told her we were meeting up but still only friends. She seemed happy about it. She is happily married herself. I then later heard her saying to x they must do lunch sometime. Am I been paranoid that this girl might put x off me?


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  • This is probably not a good idea. your friend is about to be put in the middle of you and x. It will greatly benefit x, but not you...


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  • ohhhhh shit... current girl asks your ex to hang out sometime? that... my friend NEVER ends well...

    • Ha ha. No the girl that is asking to hang out is a friend I have known for years, she is happily married. Think she might be afraid that if I date this girl then she might lose me as a friend so will try make sure she is friends with the girl too

    • Oh i get it now... your female friend wants to meet your new beau. its still a bad scenario because your female friend is going to be casing her to see if she's good for you and your new girl is going to be using her for a source of information about You. its not good either way. thats why i always kept (and still) keep them apart.
      I hope you believe in prayer... you might need it.

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