There's a girl I want to ask out from college, problem is there is only about 4 weeks of school left and we may only see her once during the summer?

There's this girl that I've become interested in and she seems to be recipricating and I want to ask her out on a date. I'm not in it to get a fuck buddy for the rest of the semester but want to eventually have her be my girlfriend. We go to the same college so once school starts up next year I'll be able to see her all the time but over the summer, we live far from eachother and she is working at a camp so I'll barely be able to see her, if at all. I don't know if I should wait or go for it because things seem really good right now.

So I went on the trip with her today, it was great and she was great. When we got back, I asked her on a date, she seemed really happy and excited, it would have been her first date ever! Then, 45 minutes later, she calls me and says she not in the right place because there is only 3 weeks left, so things went the direction I was worried, but she still seems into me. So... looks like I'm waiting till next school year, which can't come soon enough now!


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  • Just do it. Otherwise you will think about her all the time. You can always give it a try. Who knows what fun things will happen 😊

    This sound maybe stupid, but would you please answer my question I just asked on my account? I sort of have the same problem as you 🙃


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  • Ask her out, but have patience. Get to know who she really is before considering her to be your other.


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  • If you really like her, make it happen. Summer is just 2 months. My guy just did the same thing and his girl lives in another state. But he's willing to wait. Make it happen