Should I go out with him or not?

One of my closest friends from college is a beautiful black girl named Ninia. We were cheerleaders and hip hop dance club dancers together and also in the same sorority, had the same major and have managed to stay close for the 3 years since we both graduated. Recently she and I were together in a hip hop club dancing and having a few drinks when this gorgeous man began talking to us and flirting like crazy. I guess I assumed he was flirting with me but she assumed he was flirting with her. He danced with both of us and was all hands with she and I both. Ninia went to the bathroom and he and I kissed and groped each other until she returned then she danced with him, pretty much repeating he and I's earlier performance. I of course got somewhat confused so I felt I should back off. She shared with me that she was "in love" with his body and his gorgeous dread locks and I suggested she pursue him and I'd step away. I suggested that she ask him to take her home and I'd stay and drive home later. Problem: he drove her home and was back at the club in an hour hitting on me again. Alcohol and hormones took over my brain and against my better judgement I let him follow me home and we had "amazing" sex all that night and the next morning. I assumed he didn't have sex with Ninia because he was back at the club so quickly but I now know they did. He's calling me trying to get back with me tonight and she's excited about their chemistry and inviting him to her place. I feel terrible but I don't want to tell her that her I slept with her idealistic "perfect" black man. I also want to be with him again because he's an amazing lover. Should I say no and let Ninia have all the fun or should I secretly see him after he leaves her place. Remember, he was going for us both from the beginning.


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  • I see this situation as more to do with instinct. I think you could honestly let Ninia have her fun , but at the same time see the dude if you are comfortable. Don't be hesitant to be honest with your friend Ninia, since honesty is a great trait that people tend to over -look. It is an emotion that makes you feel secure.

    So basically you can c the dude secretly and at the same time let Ninia have a share of her ride. But get things sorted out if any thing is known.

    Can you pls answer this question honestly :


    • Thanks there. You should focus on being comfortable. I am sure you look smart enough to understand the principles of life. Good luck. Go girl :)

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  • Congratuions, you found a player! He's very skilled and you two... not so wise yet. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to get you both together at the same time, that is probably on the menu so be aware...

    I think you need to be honest with your friend and forget your fears.

    If you two think you are the only ones then I have an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you may be interested in buying.

    Need references for you to read about all this so you can be educated?

    • p. s. I say no way, but it isn't clear to me what you really want, if you know who you are, etc.. Impossible to answer your question.

    • psps... what I said was kinda hurtful and shouldn't have said that. My point is you aren't the only ones in his world and don't expect to be.

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