Guys, What should I do I am starting to have feelings for this guy , I just don't want to get hurt any advice?

We met on a rainy day I was omw to the babysitters house and I needed a cab. So I called the car service and he was the driver. I have two kids but one is in preschool and the other is 2 (I was going to drop my son of at the bbysitter)
I got in the cab and he helped me with the stroller. I told him my destination lol and he was driving till he says "can I ask you a question?" And he asked how old I was I told him 20 and he said "you look young I asked Bc you already have a kid" so we where talking how its hard to find someone that will remain faithful in the relationship now a days. He dropped me off and I was omw to work after that then he texted me saying it was him and we started getting to know eachother we have been talking for like a week or so. We met up and I bring my kids with me since he said it doesn't matter Bc he wanted to see me.
Last night he picked me up after work and came in his own car not the cab. We where talking and did stuff like touching each other. Anyways after he dropped me off he texted me "get home safe, hope that gives you an idea of how it would be"
And I really feel some attraction towards him. Idc about his money I like him a lot I just don't want him to think I want to use him Bc of what he has.
Should I wait till he asks me out Bc I think he wouldn't :/ I have two kids who would want to deal wit me and my bbys
by the way he has had a relationship with a girl and raised a step son and he says he still sees him Bc it's like it was his kid. I don't mind at all I would understand also but I'm scared if I catch feelings that he would go back with his ex.


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  • I think he's a genuine guy because single moms are generally a turn off for a lot of guys but considering the fact that he still nourishes his step-son, he'd take care of your family.

    If you think you have a lot of time and he's not going anywhere, wait. Don't approach him. Let him make a move.
    But if he's taking forever or the things are getting cold, do it.

    You could try to relocate to avoid his ex. Or just make it pretty clear. This is a big threat.

    • Yea yesterday he was busy working but he still met me up he didn't care he wanted to see me and he did at least for like 5mins. And he says that his ex lives in Brooklyn NY , I live in another borough so yea. I asked him if he sees a chance in them getting back together he said he doesn't know really but that he isn't seeing anyone else only me.

    • It's good. It's just a matter of trust with a little bit luck. Try it. :)

  • Ahh... i see whats going on here...
    I say you shouldn't pursue this... or at the very least wait a little bit longer.
    You are gonna have to PM me if you want elaboration but thats pretty much it.

    • I can't pm since I don't have enough points on here :/

    • well... i'll be here when you can.

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