Ex boyfriend texts ?

My ex texted me whatsup.. I replied... And asked what was up with him. And then he didn't reply. Last time he did this, i asked messaged and he replied... not happening for the first time... Why would someone start a conversation and then go away?
Whenever we meet , i still get the vibe that he likes me...
He called me few days back when he was drunk.. I had to call him back as i missed the call. But when i called he said 'i think i shoukdnt talk now i am drunk'. I said okay sleep goodnight...
Whats he doing? Its not like I initiate the convo anytjme. He does it and then goes away?
Should I ask him whatsup again this time? Or leave it?

I Know he is an ex. But I still like him... But i act like i am all cool now whenever he is around... Cause i dont know how else to be..


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  • He probably misses you but he seems to text you and disappear because he doesn't know what to say to you.

    • okay.. should I text him again? or wait for him to reply himself?

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    • I dont know. Suddenly not texting again.
      I shouldn't care anymore, should I? I really dont get what his problem is. If he has decided this will never work out, then why make efforts to talk everyday, especially when I am going to leave soon? If he didn't want to leave things the way it was, then he could have made effort to talk once in a while. But why put himsel f in my life everyday
      If he has no plans of what he wants, i am not sure what to do.
      Suppose he stops talking to me suddenly, should I ask him what happend? or just let it go?
      It happened too fast at that time.

    • When are you leaving? Why you leaving? If he knows your leaving maybe he knows deep down inside he will miss you so he wants to try to make things right and keep you in his life. That is why him texting a lot and talking shows he still cares and has feelings a lot. If he disappeared I would ask him why. He would owe you a reason for vanishing and disappearing on you.

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  • He craves your attention.

    • I get that feeling too a lot nowadays...
      however he was the one who ended it.. after which I spoke to him and kind of made it mutual..
      i still love him ! and not sure what to do when he does things like this...