Does he hate me now?

So I've liked this guy at work for about a year now. I'm pretty sure he likes me too; even though we haven't properly introduced ourselves to each other yet. I'm sure he likes me because he gave me plenty of signs. Like: He always approached me to talk about random stuff
He smiles at me all the time, such a dreamy smile <3
He always notice random stuff about me like my hair color, or when my friend yelled at me
Well just this pass month I found out that my department is moving to a different city. So one day he approached me and asked me

Him: Are you moving with your department?
Me: Yeah, Gotta.
Him: What am I going to do without you?
Me: (Laughs at him wondering if he was being sarcastic or not)
Him: (mumbles something and walks away)

A few days after that conversation, Note: I've been avoiding him lately because I'm socially awkward, I saw him getting breakfast at the same time as me but my coworker was in front of me in line so i couldn't even tap him to talk a little. I went to get some cheese at the stand and he was getting some syrup. I just walk around him without a word. I made it so obvious that I was avoiding him. Usually when he takes the same brake time as me he usually goes back to work at the same time as me but that day he left way earlier. I'm not sure if I hurted him. I don't want him to stop chasing me either. I like him too. So the question here is Does he hate me? What do you think of it all? Does he like me? Is he going to stop chasing me?


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  • don't expect much of you avoid the guy you like. If he realizes that he'll assume you avoid him cuz You don't wanna be around him.

    • What should I do?

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    • just do it or forever wonder if you did.

    • This was harder then I imagined gosh >. <

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  • I think you guys should talk and figure things out cause there appears to be a lot of confusion

  • Girl, he probably thinks you're not interested in him since you've been avoiding him. Nobody is gonna chase somebody forever. You need to just go up to him and talk to him and ask him out on a date, you don't even have to say it's a date just ask him if he wants to go get food or something with you. But avoiding him is definitely not gonna keep him around. Makes it appear you don't like him

    • I really like this advice <3 thanks

    • No problem! You got this! :)

  • He hates you