There's this guy that I like, but does he like me?

This guy from work I like him I never really noticed him till he started constintly complimenting me on my hair. He started always waving hi to me, always smiling at me, always walking back when he sees me just to talk to me. Too bad i'm socially awkward, forreals this was one of our convos
I was walking to the bathroom and he was walking out of the bathroom, weird place i know
Him: Hey you
Me: Hi
Him: (Walks twoards me and stand right in front of me like 2 inches away -.-)
Me: (laughing non-stop and covers my mouth)
Him: What's so funny?
Me: Nothing (Continues laughing)
Him: (Stares at me)
Me: ( stops laughing and looked away)
Then we both walked away.
Then he stared avoiding me so I started avoiding him. We say hi when ever we make eye contact though cause it's a must? I don't know what is happening really. So does he like me?

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What Guys Said 1

  • I think he got the impression that you were laughing *at* him, and do not like him. Best to send a private message and clear this up. Don't make enemies at work.

    That said, DON'T date co-workers either.

    • I don't have his number or email, the only way to clear anything up is to talk to him. by the way this situation happened a long time ago and he seemed ok i mean he started this thing where he'd walk by my desk and poke me and kept walking. >..<

    • It wouldn't hurt to talk with him privately.

    • Oh wow doing things like a poke is usually flirty behaviour. He could like you them.

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he could like you, unless he is like this with everybody... Other female co-workers? But laughing may have given him the impression you were making fun of him.

    • I haven't observed that yet. I've noticed he's been stopping to talk to a lot of my coworkers, mostly the guys though now that I think of what you said. And I was honestly laughing a lot because I was so happy to talk to him >..<

    • I know what you mean I get nervous and laugh in certain situations. But clearing it up is a good idea. If It's meant to be it will all work out.