Long Distance Relationship advice?

so me and my boyfriend have been dating for four months. we used to Skype all the time but he goes to school Tuesday and Thursday and works the other days. he doesn't stay up late ever he goes to sleep earlier than a 60 year old man lol. Oh and he is an hour behind me.. we always say goodnight.. ALWAYS me and my boyfriend haven't skyped in three days and thats not the reason im upset. Friday my boyfriend opened my snapchat after he got off work, yet didn't text me which is very unnormal. so i wait an hour and ask if he is off work. two hours after he opened my snapchat he says "just got home, exhausted, going to bed." Saturday i ask him earlier in the night if we can Skype he says " yes baby we can Skype." so im basically falling asleep waiting up for him to say lets Skype and at midnight he texts me "you know baby im actually really tired im going to bed." so at this point i am extremely frustrated because i could've been sleep and i really just wanted to talk to him. oh yeah, i had an awards ceremony for my photography and he knew this and didn't ask how it went or anything, which kinda upset me. this morning he texts me and apologizes for last night. i wouldn't have said anything if he didn't bring it up but he did. so i told him that i was frustrated but it is fine. why dwell on it. so he gets off tonight and we text for a few minutes and he says "Baby im exhausted im going to slleep" i am extremley frustrated and dont know what to do. really really like him but im getting frustrated. i can't be around him so skyping is the closest thing i have. do you think i am overreacting?


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  • I don't blame you for feeling that way. I'm in a 6-month old long-distance relationship myself, and I appreciate the fact that my girlfriend at least texts me every day, if we don't Skype.

    Give it a bit more time. If the situation persists, try to talk to him about it again, and if you do and nothing changes, then I'm with the person that already commented in believing that maybe it won't work out.

    • see we text everyday for sure. it would not work at all if we didn't. thankyou for your input

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  • Maybe a relationship with him isn't the best idea right now. You guys may love eachother and want it to work, but without communication (which is like the most important thing in an LDR) you're just wasting each others time. It's cool for him to be busy, but if he can't even take 10 mins out of his day to Skype you, then he's not making you a priority. I'm sure he's a cool dude, but unless he shapes up, then you should really consider calling it quits.