(Girls) What things do guys do to turn you off?

What are some things that you dislike and would ruin any guys chances if he did them.

If you could add what type of girl you are to your answer that would be great!

Regarding me though;

im too polite and am too much of a gentleman, I joke around all the time but long for a deeper conversation with a girl but if that doesn't happen I just become a joker.

i send too many pointless snapchats to girls I like (getting better at not sending them now)

I aso focus too much on the girl when we talk so I never really reveal anything about myself.


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  • i hate it when you send them a text with a question and they dont respond for hours or even days.
    i dont like it when they get my hopes up for lets say a date but all of the sudden they cancel on you last minute.
    when they never tell you what they really feel about you and they keep playing.
    when they seem interested the first month than they just go MIA for a month and you have no clue whats going on.
    or on the other hand if they are too clingy when you first start seeing them and they already think they are in love.
    when they dont share anything and only let the girl talk about herself but never reveal anything of themselves.
    when i send 3 texts in a row and all i get is a "hey"
    i can go on but this is mostly for the early stages of the relationship when they seem to be into you one day and then all of the sudden they change and that always drives me crazy.
    im a pretty submissive girl and i like it when a guy is dominant but not in an abusive way more like he shows that he loves me and would take care of me and he initiates the things we do together and always asks for my opinion first of course.


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  • Politeness and gentlemanly are turn ONS for me
    I like joking around and deeper conversations

    But umm yeah, I mean turn offs can be a long list. Pattern of cheating, not wanting the same things for the future, not being physically affectionate, hot and cold emotions, snoking, drugs, alcoholic, doesn't make me feel like I'm important to him, being so guarded that I can't get him to talk about himself would be a turn off too though.

    What type of girl am i?
    Kinda a former tomboy/semi tomboy, pretty sweet and caring, family oriented/traditional values type girl? I don't really know? I'm just me

  • Anything that suggests he's not a nice person, has a drug problem or a criminal record, or is too clingy or desperate.

  • Politeness is fine. But CONFIDENCE is key. Girls love guys who can take charge. Deeper conversations are a plus for girls. We usually like in depth conversations. Just make sure not to come off too strong at the very beginning.

    • Deeper convos would have loved to have more of but she doesn't really open that much up and i only ever go to have them when she was having a bad day.

      Confidence I've never had a girlfriend and she's the first girl i ever went on a date wot hat the age of 23, unfourtuanly im fairly confident but the way i came off was needy and clingy

      I also came on too strong in the beginning.

      No wonder I fucked it, wish i had a time machine right now...

  • burp, spit


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