5'4'' 120 pound guy? Would girls like this?

I have such bad luck with girls and I wonder if it's cause i'm usually about the same size as they are. I approach tons of girls and always get rejected. I don't know if maybe it's cause I hit on random girls I see throughout the day, like girls working the booths at the mall. etc or what.


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  • Well I would think hitting on random girls would have a bit of a lower success rate. Although some girls are perhaps ok with being approached that way, from what I see on here that may not be the norm. If you hit on them at work they may think it would be unprofessional to accept.

    You are on the shorter side, but 5'4" wouldn't be an issue for me personally (if I were single). But some others may have an issue.

    When push comes to shove though dating in general is a numbers game for everyone. Try not to get too discouraged

    • I actually find it kind of convenient that I'm usually the same height as most girls. It always seems like so many girls want Mr 6'2 tall dark and handsome. Most of the time girls say they have a boyfriend after I've chatted with them for 10 minutes or so and then try and get her number. One thing I've found interesting is you never know how she's going to react. Some are flattered and are all nice and bubbly and others will look at me like I'm the biggest physco in the world. haha

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    • It's easy when you're a girl and your mailbox is flooded everyday. I've been on dating sites for a couple years now and only been on a few dates. 90 percent of them get cold feet and will make up an excuse to not go. Even if after tons and tons of texts back and forth for weeks.

    • Yeah that is true. It Def makes a diff. I understand the nerves too, but I've always pushed through them. I also usually tried to meet in person quickly.

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  • You can't be looking like their younger sister and still hit on em with success rate brah, Gotta be tall jacked athletic like this lmao just start lifting

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