How Do Women Feel the Day After Pickup?

I'd like to understand how women feel after they've been picked up and been intimate (sex) within the first date. For example, you go out dancing and end up back at his place and stay the night. Or you are picked upon the street, he swoons you over time that day and it ends in sex.

Do you feel ok about it all... like that is what I was there for and was hoping for?
Do you fell used?
Do you feel bad... like you've come down from the high and now you feel like crap?

  • Its what I was hoping for
    14% (1)
  • Feel used or deceived
    14% (1)
  • Feel bad... like crap
    43% (3)
  • Other
    29% (2)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on how 'the pick up' went. If the guy indeed deceived me and sort of talked me into things i actually didn't want, then i feel like shit the next day and feel used. Sometimes, as a girl, i like to have casual sex too. So if i find a cool guy with who i connect and he's nice and the sex is good, and it felt like it was equal, i don't feel like shit.


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly this has only happened to me when I was in a bad emotional place after my divorce. Aside from that I've never had an issue with guys using me for just sex and given my actions and mental state after my divorce I'm not all that surprised it haopened. I think that one time though I was maybe a bit surprised and then shrugged it off and focused my attention elsewhere.

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