Girls, Should I just give on dating?

If I'm afraid to talk to women I'm interested in, I have been this way since I was younger and I don't believe it's gonna change I'm now 27 people tell me all the time there's a girl out there for me, well if that's true she's gonna marry another man cause I'm too scared

Thanks for opinions


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  • I'm too scared to talk to guys too. It's a problem, but in my head I just figure there is another girl they like or will like more than me :(

    So I am very timid when it comes to approaching guys. But I am very friendly. If they talk to me I always smile and want to talk. It's just the approaching that is tough. But I never get approached by guys :(

    • Well I'm at the point where if I don't somehow give up on it I'm gonna drive myself into a deep depression

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  • Saying hi until you are comfortable with conversation would help with shyness

    • I just think it's hopeless

    • I just get sad all the time now when I hear other people talk about their girlfriends