Tips on how to get a boyfriend, I seriously need some help?

I am having no luck at meeting guys or anything!

I am super nice, I have a full-time job, my own car and treat guys really well. I've been told I'm attractive. but I'm not a super model.

I wear minimal make up (maybe that's the problem?) and have acne. I am doing my best to try and keep my acne at bay but it's a hormonal problem and so it's not always avoidable.

I'm very active online, and I've been on there for 5 months with only 3 dates so far! :(

My profile is full of detail and I have been talking to lots of guys. But I find guys just don't care much for me at all. I'm starting to think there is something wrong with me :(

I'm 26 years old too. I tend to go for older guys. But I will date guys my own age as well.


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  • Okay, if you aren't getting bites online, im almost positive your look probably needs work. Online dating favours women by like 100 to 1, so if its still not working, there's definitely something wrong there. Maybe it really is just the acne? i really don't know how bad it is or w/e, but it's what i would guess. Personality is important yes, but when we're talking about online dating, your look honestly matters quite a bit

    • Apart from getting plastic surgery, I have no idea what to do :(

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    • I just don't know how to do that. I seem to fail miserably every time I try. I always seem to find the one guy who is married or in a relationship. I don't know what to say to them either. I get so nervous :( I'm super friendly, if they talk to me I will always talk to them and try to have a conversation. But no one ever approaches me in my life. I'm kind of at the point where I think I'll never meet anyone :(

    • i see. Well here's the thing... Guys in general approach women far less than they ever have. There's a lot of reasons for this. But given this, its much rarer for a guy to just land on your lap... so in this day and age you've really got to be on your A game. You have a good personality, so use that to your advantage i say. You need to experience more people and come out of your comfort zone in order to get over those fears

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  • Older guys have experience, they know how to give you girly cums. Young guys will only bang you and leave you wondering "was that it?" Your brain is your best asset, just be yourself and spread your legs when U R in want. I hope ypou get this message.

    • Um, I want an actual relationship. Not just sex...

    • Don't we all? I want a good girl who loves to suck cock but finding that girl is so hard, so I have a hard life. It will stay hard till I find her.

  • So, All your dates so far are online?

    • Yes, I've had no luck meeting guys in real everyday life. I've tried, I'm out and about all the time by myself. But no one approaches me and I don't see many single guys out.

    • Okay, I see. Then continue with online dating... but write something interesting about you this time.. I mean try changing the profile details...

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