REALLY need honesty? Would I look like a thirsty hoe if I went for this one guy who is friends with 2 other guys I had "almost" something with?

So we are all in college and live in the same building. Guys tend to find me attractive (im not trying to sound conceited here; im just stating that I get asked out and stared at frequently).

Last October, I was interested in Guy 1. I face booked him randomly, we met up, had coffee twice over a months time in our dorm rooms. We chatted for a couple hours each. Nothing else happened. That was that. I tried to ask him out a few times but he was always busy or ignored me. A few months later he asked me to dinner but I said I was busy.

A month ago, I met a guy who lives across the hall from Guy 1. He's Guy 2(yay). Soo we hit it off. We hung out every day for hours and hours for a couple weeks, had break, then came back and hung out a bit more. We made out, felt each other up, but I declined sex. Just yesterday I told him I like him but only as a friend.

I'm interested in Guy 3 now. He lives with Guy 1 (and across from guy 2). They've all hung out together and are friendly to each other. Guy 3 since he first saw me wouldn't look away. He's shy, nerdy, a little bigger; I am SO attracted to him. All these guys are nerdy-ish/quiet. I overheard him ask his friend as I walked away what my name was.

i added him on fb randomly. Then last night I saw him talking with Guy 2.. I walked up and introduced myself and shook his hand. I reaAalllllly wanna get to know him.. Would it be really thirsty or strange if I did? Like sent him a message hey or something? I know guys talk.. But I never dated any. And guy 1 we hardly got anywhere.

I KNOW there is sexual tension between me and all these guys. But I see it in GUy 3's eyes, and I just knoooowww he at least finds me attractive


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  • Get what you want and fuck caring about looking like a "ho"


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  • Of course he will talk about you and when they find out you've had things with other guys even if you haven't they'll exaggerate and suggest that your a hoe he needs to stay away from.


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  • If you tried and failed with his friends you will definitely look desperate. Third guy might not care, but he'll probably get joked.

    • Well technically i rejected both of them

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    • I get it, thanks for explaining!
      I may not mind looking that way since It would only be how I look to those 3 guys. You know? Like if they think I'm thirsty then it's only those 3 dudes who think so.

    • Yep yep.

  • Yeah.
    Flip the script.
    How would you feel if a guy talked to two of you friends, he got ignored by one and rejected another, then came to you?
    I just heard two girls (friends) arguing about one girl messing with a guy she used to talk to.
    They might not call u a thirsty hoe since you rejected one, but it would become an awkward situation


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