He friendzoned me. How do I reject him?

At first I thought this guy is interested in me, but now I realize that he isn't. He just recently moved into my town and is probably looking for friends. We went on 3 dates and I can tell he likes spending time with me but I'm not recieving a romantic vibe from him. I tried hinting at "what are we" conversation but he quickly changed the subject. I also tried getting a bit physical but he was pulling away, so yeah it's clear as day that he is not interested in anything romantic or sexual with me. This all doesn't make any sense to me because we met on Tinder, and Tinder is supposed to be a DATING app, so I don't get why he thinks it's okay to just friendzone me without any explanation (aka leading me on)? I feel like fool and I don't enjoy his company anymore, I am not interested in being friends and he is dumb if he thinks I am. He said he will call me when he returns from his 2 day trip and I don't know how to end this? I don't want to sound like a bitch or rude (even though I am a bit pissed).


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  • Obviously u are lusting for him and he ain't giving u the cock.
    Its normal frmale behaviour and its not ur pissed, its called losing attraction for him and its completely normal.
    My ex told me this and the best way is to communicate... Just be straight with him and telk him u want to get physical with him.. Or else he shouldn't talk to u.. thats it..
    And don't think ur a bitch or whatever.. What ur feeling is what a normal feminine woman would feel..

    • No way I'm gonna ASK him to be physical with me, that would make me feel pathetic and lame. And would be extremely awkward if he would say "okay let's get physical then" lol. It's supposed to happen spontaneously. So yeah, all is ruined now (at least for me), I don't have any desire to be anything with him anymore, it's too late.

    • Look its upto u to decide but its very common problem when women lose interest.
      I lost 2 girls becoz of this coz i was acting like a virgin douche, but my last girlfriend communicated with me like an adult... she straight away told me "look, relation means emotional and physical intimacy, u satisfy me emotionally but our relation is lacking the other part..."
      and i understood immediately what she was saying... we have amazing sex after that and she is happy as she can be...
      i would suggest u to communicate with him , maybe that can help.

  • if your not comfortable with him then just tell him that im not comfortable with you anymore and i dont like to keep anykind of contact between us, i hope you dont mind.


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  • Just be honest.

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