Im so freakin' confused, help me Guys and girls :( ?

- She is 20 and im 25, to cut short, we exchanged emails and we talked and we sat together in the class and she kinda hinted that she wanted to go to movie with me but i declined, basically she wanted to have sex but i dint arrange for a date.

- She started flirting with other dudes and started sitting away from me, i asked her out and she blew me off coz she was flirting with that guy and wanted to sit with him in the break, I started ignoring her after, coz i thought she is a slut and she is cheating me,

- Then next day she put herself into my orbit , means - she was ready to be asked out but i just ignored her, then it turns out that the other dudes are no better and im the most good looking and confdent dude in the class. means- im her best option among the dudes in the class.

- She gave me 4 opportunities to ask her out after that, where she made herself available to me but i ignored her because i was butthurt and angry that she blew me off for some other dude.

- Its been 2 months , she dint come to class and we did not talk at all.

- she uploads songs and poems for me on social media basically telling me how much she loves me and misses me, and also in her profile photo , although, she is smiling lips closed but her eyes look swelled as if she has cried her eyes out and the pain can be seen in her eyes.

Guys and girls what should i do?

  • This is not cheating, I acted weak and she checked out her other options, dont take it personally.
  • This is cheating and i should forget about her and move on.
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  • So u both never date? Ok, My suggestion, give her a chance. Ask her out clearly without hint here and there. Bcoz what i see is you are actually attracted and curious with her too. If she declines, let her go.

    And my other opinion, sorry, in my perpective as a girl and from ur story, that girl is a bit drama queen.

    But again, give her a chance. Date her. See what happens.

    • No we never actually dated. But what she did, did u consider it as cheating?
      fucking around with other dudes?

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    • But.. remember if the date dont go well.
      U have lesson learned ok. U can see if this girl is worth fighting for.

    • Now she uploads songs and poems saying she loves me... coz after checking out her options she found out im her best option..
      But she hasn't texted me directly..

  • You should stop letting her suffer that much which either means have a conversation and close this or have a date and see what comes out of it

    • She is suffering, yes, its true.
      But do u think what she did was cool? i asked her out and she blew me off for some other dude?

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    • But do u think she really regrets and is really hurt and sad by the depiction of the thing?
      and if she is so hurt why dint she text me directly?

    • Afraid or just simply knows she screwed up and that there's no way back from it.

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